05 September 2023

New features and enhancements on Red Hat OpenShift DevSpaces

Chantal van den Broek
Openshift Red Hat

Red Hat has published a new release with features and enhancements to Red Hat OpenShift DevSpaces. This time it’s extra special, because the first mentioned improvement in the release notes was made possible by HCS’er Vincent van Dam, author of kubedock! Using kubedock in Red Hat OpenShift DevSpaces makes it possible to run ‘podman run’ and suchlike. Read on to see what Red Hat has to say about kubedock in the release note 2.1.

2.1. Adding kubedock to run containers in the UDI

With this update, kubedock is now a part of the UDI (OpenShift Dev Spaces default image). If the environment variable KUBEDOCK_ENABLED is set to true in a workspace (this can be done using a devfile), the kubedock server is started at startup.

When KUBEDOCK_ENABLED=true then the following commands will be executed with kubedock. The remaining commands, in particular, podman build, will be executed by the local Podman:

  • podman run
  • podman ps
  • podman exec
  • podman cp
  • podman logs
  • podman inspect
  • podman kill
  • podman rm
  • podman wait
  • podman stop
  • podman start

Additional resources

Of course, there are even more improvements to the Red Hat OpenShift DevSpaces. Want to know more? You can find all new features and enhancements in the Red Hat Customer Portal.